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Sem label is a french sensitive contemporary record label from Paris founded in january 2007 by Alexandre Navarro and Sacha Vojvodic (Letna). All artworks are the results of Markus Schäfer's skills at Büro Ink. It’s all about innovation, friendship and the love of music.


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Segue / The Here And Now CD / SEM 023 OUT NOW !

After his highly acclaimed Pacifica LP released on Silent Season, Segue returns at Sem 5 years later (IOD 009) for our great pleasure. Definitely ambient-dub with sweet sparkly pop melodies, " The Here and Now " is a praise of the present, the one we love. Welcome back ! Listen / Buy

Redfish album : CD Jewel case & Download

Welcome to Redfish. Two friends, two collaborators. Sasa Vojovodic (Letna) and Alexandre Navarro, who co-founded the label in 2007, have released a number of works by others as well as their own solo projects on the label, yet have never collaborated on an album until now. It has finally happened with Redfish. The two musical “hackers” and “tinkerers” utilize samplers, guitars and synths to conjure melodic abstractions that are at once rhythmic, ambient and electronic without ever losing sight of depth and musicality. Listen / Buy


TLM REMIXES : Remixes of the track "Traverser Les Miroirs" from Alexandre Navarro / Hozho CD by The Green Kingdom, Segue, Letna, Three Things, Darren Harper, Maps and Diagram, Fax and Daniel Maze.

Alexandre Navarro "Bye Bye 2013" Mixtape

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